Teen playing basketballWho We Are

Teenstretch is a free after school program for middle and high school students who are a part of the Homestretch program. Teenstretch runs every Wednesday from 4-8:00PM. The purpose of Teenstretch is to provide a nurturing and supervised environment for teens during the hours after school. The program provides a positive social setting and a time to focus on academics and improving grades. In addition, teens acquire a variety of life skills that help them become productive members of their community.

What We Do

Teenstretch’s program model focuses on the following 5 core competencies:

Social/Emotional Development

Teens are provided a mix of structured and unstructured recreational time. The purpose of this time is to provide a healthy setting for students to develop friendships and unwind after a long day at school. The Teenstretch space is designed with the teen in mind! There are lots of options available such as board games, video games, books, foosball, art supplies, and outdoor equipment.

Academic Support

Teens are provided academic support through weekly tutoring in our computer lab. Tutors are provided through a partnership with Fairfax County Public Schools and through volunteers in the community. Teens are able to access computers and internet in our computer lab.

Easter Egg HuntHealthy Living Promotion

Teenstretch provides a healthy dinner each week for its teens. Teens are provided an opportunity to try new foods-including new fruits and vegetables they have never had before! Healthy living is also an important topic covered in our weekly life skills workshops.

Life Skills Development

Teenstretch hosts a weekly life skills workshop for its teens. The purpose of the life skills workshop is for teens to obtain the skills and tools they need in order to effectively deal with the challenges and demands of their everyday life. There are a variety of topics covered including bullying, goal setting, nutrition, and how to obtain a job.

Community Service

Studies consistently show that community service projects provide a wide array of benefits to students, including building empathy for others, increasing self-esteem, and developing leadership skills. Most students are also required to earn volunteer hours for graduation. For this reason, Teenstretch has developed a monthly student-led community service project. Past projects have included serving residents at Sunrise Senior Home and creating educational activities for the Kidstretch Preschool program.