Parent Testimonies

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My son loves his school! Thankfully, Kidstretch allows working parents a full day of care and learning for children throughout the year. While it can be a long day for the kids and a long day to be without your child, Kidstretch makes sure that every day is full of the most positive and fun learning experiences I could hope for my son. When your child spends that much time away from you, one hopes they will be happy, cared for and loved and I feel like Kidstretch is extended family. 


My daughter attended Kidstretch for two years and it was a wonderful experience. The facility, class sizes and teacher credentials are great, and the curriculum is perfect for a bright, curious child. My daughter was always excited to go to school and often didn’t want to leave! The very best thing about Kidstretch was the professionalism and the caring kindness of the staff toward every child and parent. They were always so kind and patient. We would definitely recommend the Kidstretch program to other families and are going to be sending our son there in a couple of years!


I love how the teachers understand how important “play” is for the children. They not only take the kids to the park as often as the weather permits, they engage the children in play activities that enhance learning, teach good behavior and improve motor skills. I am so impressed with how the teachers manage behaviors in the most positive way for the children. I believe everything they are doing helps encourage each child to be the best they can be and grow in the most positive ways. Every child deserves to be in a school like Kidstretch. I am deeply and forever grateful for this school and the people who work there making it so incredibly amazing.


Our son was 3.5 years old when he started and he didn’t speak any English. My husband and I were worried, but seeing how happy he was every evening at pickup and how fast he got accustomed, we realized we had made the right choice. Our son learned a lot at Kidstretch: numbers, letters, writing and reading, science, etc. He is now a fast reader at Kindergarten and I only hear excellent feedback. Besides academic abilities, he learned social skills at Kidstretch. He learned to share and to engage his friends in interesting games. He remembers all his teachers and preschool friends always with a smile. Kidstretch has been a wonderful experience for our family and graduation was unforgettable!