Awards & Achievements

Results Matter

  • 2,000+ families helped since 1990
  • 147.5% the average rise in income for a graduating family
  • 93% of graduates remain employed a year after graduation
  • $681,352 in debts repaid over the last six years
  • 62% of adult clients enrolled in college or vocational training

ResolutionAchievements of families in Homestretch

  • Graduates of Homestretch have become registered nurses, pharmacy technicians, dental hygienists and assistants, child care center owners, commercial drivers, accountants, real estate agents, bank tellers, retail store managers, cosmetologists, master plumbers, he outstanding outcomes achieved by Homestretch has resulted in the organization receiving many awards over the years, including:
    • 2017 Sprague Champion Award for Affordable Housing Advocacy from the City of Falls Church
    • 2017 McLean Chamber of Commerce Non-Profit of the Year award
    • 2015 Carroll Shreve Award for Meritorious Service from the Falls Church Chamber of Commerce
    • 2014 Northern Virginia Nonprofit Leadership Award from Leadership Fairfax
    • 2014 Helping Hand Award from the Washington Post, resulting in a series of articles about successful Homestretch graduates during November and December of 2014
    • 2013 Fair Housing Award from the Fairfax County Human Rights Commission
    • 2013 Business Person of the Year (presented to Executive Director Christopher Fay) by the McLean Rotary Club
    • 2010 Best Volunteer Program from Volunteer Fairfax
    • 2008 Blue Diamond Award from the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce
    • 2005 Innovative Community Collaboration Award from the Family and Children’s Trust Fund (FACT)
    • 2004 Governor’s Award for Best Housing Program in Virginia
    • 2001 Washington Post Excellence in Nonprofit Management Award (honorable mention)
    • 2000 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services included Homestretch as a best practice model in a national report on community service agencies using performance based management to enhance service delivery in self-sufficiency programs for low income families
    • 1997 HAND Housing Achievement Award, naming Homestretch the Best Social Services Program of the Year by the Housing Association of Nonprofit Developers
  • A poll of Homestretch graduates conducted by honor roll students of George Mason University in 2012 showed that 98% remained safely housed and employed two years after exiting Homestretch
  • An outcome study conducted by Masters Students of George Washington University in 2013 showed that 95% of families remained safely housed and employed two to five years after exiting the program
  • 92% of adults are employed upon graduation
  • 62% of adults are enrolled in educational or vocational programs while in Homestretch
  • 10% of families become first time homebuyers within 3 years of leaving Homestretch
  • The average family enters the program with over $5,000 in debt, pays that debt off within one year, and graduates the program a year later with over $5,000 in savings – an upward trajectory of over $10,000; this is done by dedicating 10% of their gross income to a savings account that also functions as a debt reduction program
  • $6,545 is the average net worth improvement of a family in Homestretch in one year
  • $200,000is the aggregate net worth improvement of all families in Homestretch in a year
  • $3,336,435 is the net worth improvement of a family in Homestretch if they were to retain the pace they set while enrolled in Homestretch over 30 years